The New Amazon Sports Gear Bundle is now available for pre-order

With Amazon’s new sports gear bundle, there are now plenty of new deals to take advantage of.

In addition to the Sports Gear, the company has a $199 Amazon Fire TV Stick bundle that’s also currently available for $199.

And with Amazon’s Sports Gear and Fire TV bundles, you can now get your hands on the following products, which are currently discounted: Amazon Fire Stick, Amazon Fire Phone, Amazon Alexa-enabled Fire TV, Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Cardboard, Amazon Kindle Fire, Amazon Watch, Amazon Sling TV, and the Amazon Echo Show.

All of these products are currently listed for $179 on

The Fire TV and Amazon Fire stick are great options for a lot of people, but there are plenty of other Amazon Sports gear deals you can check out for some great savings on a few other sports gear options.

Here’s a look at all the Amazon Sports equipment bundles you can pre-purchase, or for sale now:

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