Dogs in bag for Bende Dog Sport

Bende dog equipment bag in the shape of the head of a dog.

The dog, dressed in an all white sport gear, sported a headband, harness, leash, collar, and a collar, which is tied around the dog’s neck.

The bag is being given to a dog trainer to be used for training the dog and is valued at around $600.

The headband and collar are in a different style than the ones you see on a typical dog, Bende said.

It’s a more functional type of headband that allows the dog to adjust its position when the dog is out of its harness.

“I have never been one to pay more for a dog collar than I would for a pair of shoes, so I was surprised by this,” Bende told ESPN.

“I thought, well, that’s a lot.

But you have to remember, dogs have such short lives and so the dog has to live with its collar on for a while.

The dog will lose its collar at the end of a year, so you are going to have a few more years of wear and tear before it can be worn again.

So, it’s good value.”

Bende said the dogs headband was used as a training tool, but the collar was a great way to train the dog.

“If you put a collar on your dog, you’re going to make it act like a dog,” Bendy said.

“And then you’ll learn the best ways to use the collar.

I would recommend using it to train a dog that’s really confused and lost.”

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