How crypto currencies like bitcoin are helping to protect sports equipment

As bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continue to grow in popularity, some experts believe the technology could be one of the most important technologies to keep in place in the sports industry.

One example of the technology’s importance in the world of sports equipment is its potential to be used to protect athletes from the physical dangers associated with a head injury, according to Mike Tompkins, a professor of physical therapy at the University of Utah.

Tompkins said that during a 2014 bout with head trauma, he and other sports medicine doctors developed a technique for preventing brain injuries in athletes, which involves using a technology known as bio-reinforced plastic.

The technique is a type of reinforcement that is attached to the skin to protect the brain.

Tompkin said that while there are some limitations with the technology, the technology has been proven to be effective in preventing head trauma in some cases.

“One of the biggest hurdles in the industry is when you’re in a sporting event, you have to be able to see the athlete,” Tompkes said.

“If you can see the head of the athlete, you can make sure that you’re wearing protective gear.

It’s the same with helmets, they need to be on and you can’t see the helmet if you’re doing a soccer game.

If you have that type of helmet on, it’s going to protect you.”

As part of its research, Tompokes and his colleagues studied the protective effect of a bio-resin that was attached to headgear.

When the bio-satin was removed, they were able to study the effects of the bio material on the brain tissue of the athletes in the study.

The researchers found that bio-regenforced plastic was able to protect a wide range of brain structures from trauma and improve the performance of the participants.

“The biggest benefit of this is that you can put the bio resin on the headgear,” Tumpkins said.

When Tompicks and his team tested the bioresin in conjunction with the standard protective gear, they found that the bio materials prevented a large portion of the head trauma from occurring.TOMPKINS: Bio-resins are effective against head injuries.

The most common protective gear used in sports is bio-materials.

When bio- materials are applied to the head, the protective layer disappears and the bio resin stays put.

Bio-regenerated plastic, or bio-rubber, is also effective in protecting headgear from impacts.

BioRubber, a type that Tompinks and his group have created, uses a material called a polyurethane material to help protect the head and skull.

TOMPKS: If we had bio-robes, we could apply a bio material to the rubber and the rubber would adhere to the body, which is a very effective thing.

So, you’re looking at something that is much more effective than standard protective equipment.TIMOTHY: We know bio-based rubber is great for athletes.

You can put it on your helmet and it is much better.

They’re not going to hit you, and you’re not getting injured.

The fact that the rubber is not just going to stick to the plastic doesn’t make it very effective.

It also doesn’t have the impact of a real plastic.

And it doesn’t last very long.TAMPA BAY BIDEN: We don’t have bio-fibre on the ground yet, so I’m sure it’s not as durable as we have it.

And then the other thing is that it’s hard to find the bio rubber.

And I think it’s important to make sure people are able to use it.TILLIS: It’s very effective at protecting against the head.

But we don’t know how well it protects against the brain injury that we’re talking about.

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