When the NHL gets new uniforms for its newest players

The NHL has announced new uniforms will be available for purchase starting this fall, but not for the time being.

The league is in the process of rolling out a new look to its jerseys, which will include a new design for each player and team, a new back logo and a new helmet graphic, according to a statement released Friday.

This is the first time that players will be able to choose the uniforms they want to wear for games, with the league saying the jerseys will be “designed to make the players feel more comfortable wearing them during games.”

This new look will include the addition of a new front logo, which looks like a small, square “P” that will be used for the logo.

The logo will be a different color than the one used on the jersey.

The new back graphic will feature a small dot that represents a star in a circle.

The dot will be white, black or yellow depending on the color of the jersey worn.

“We’re excited to announce a new jersey for the 2018-19 season and will begin to roll out a brand-new look in 2019,” NHL General Manager John Chayka said in a statement.

Fans will be given the option to buy the new jerseys for $75 each or they can buy the jerseys online for $85.

For now, the jerseys are only available for pre-order through NHL.com and the NHL Store.

Here’s what you need to know about the new look:What is the new back?

The new back looks like the one on the back of the team’s jersey.

It is white, blue or gold and has a diamond at the bottom.

It is the same size as the team logo, but the logo has a small diamond at its center.

It is the exact same size of the back as the jerseys on the NHL website, according the NHL.

Can I buy them in a different jersey size?


The jerseys will come in any jersey size from a standard NHL jersey to a large NHL jersey, including standard-size, medium-size and large-size.

The new logo will feature the same design as the current jersey, but with a small square “X” on the side of the logo instead of the dot.

It will be gray, yellow or blue.

The jersey also will include some new graphic elements.

The diamond at center of the “X,” for instance, will be black and the star in the circle will be yellow.

Will the new jersey look different in different sizes?

Yes, the new logo looks different in sizes from a medium-sized jersey to the large-sized one.

It does, however, appear to be smaller on the jerseys.

What will be the cost?

The price for the new uniforms is $75 for preorders, but you can purchase the jerseys for only $85 online.

Who will be wearing the new style?

The jersey is going to be available to pre-orders starting this week, and they will go on sale to the general public this Friday, Oct. 31.

The first team jerseys will go to the teams on Oct. 16.

Are there any other changes?

Yes — the jerseys have changed the back logo from a dot to a dot-dot, which was seen on the logo on the team website.

It has been the same color since the team announced the new design in September.

Why are the jerseys going to cost more?

Because the jersey has been redesigned, the logo is being replaced with a smaller dot-diamond.

The team logo has also been updated to be different colors, with yellow instead of white and the new diamond on the right side of it being blue instead of red.

This means that the diamond will have a smaller area around it, meaning the team will have to change some logos.

Is this the same uniform that the NHL wore for years?

Yes it is, the NHL did not announce a different look.

It’s not as different as it looks on the website or in a jersey store, but it is a little different from what the NHL has been wearing for a long time.

When will the new uniform be available?

The NHL says it will go live at some point between this Friday and Oct. 1, which is when the new team jerseys are expected to go on the market.

The NHL Store is expected to begin selling the new NHL jerseys at some time later in the year, according ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun.

How will I know if the new new look is the right one?

The logo is the original design that was on the front of the NHL jersey and it will remain the logo that is seen on all jerseys.

So it’s the same as if the NHL had always worn the logo, and that is how the new helmet will look.

Does the new color mean the jerseys won’t look as good as the old ones?

No, the colors are completely

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