When you’re a sports junkie, your equipment isn’t cheap

Sports equipment makers like Nike and Adidas are now taking a page out of Apple’s book by releasing a new line of sportswear that’s available to fans in more than a dozen countries.

The new Nike Zoom, which will be available in the UK, US and Australia on September 5, comes in three basic styles, which include a black, white and blue version, as well as a “Giant” version that features a full-size logo.

It comes in a range of sizes from small to large, with the size 10 version featuring a “Super” logo, while the size 11 version features a larger logo and comes in “Goliath” and “Spartan” sizes.

Nike Zoom is available in a number of different colourways, including a black and white “Giants” version, a light grey and a navy blue version.

The “Golfer” version comes in two sizes, “SuperGolve” with the logo of the Australian tennis team, and “Golf” with a logo of American golfer Rory McIlroy.

The “Spiral” version is also available in “Sterling Silver” and a white version with a smaller logo and the logo printed on the sides.

It’s worth noting that this is the first time that the Zoom has been released in a “sportswear” format.

The Nike Zoom “Golem” will retail for $99.99 (£68.99), while the Nike Zoom in “Mountain Green” will be $109.99.

It also comes in several other colourways like a “Voltage” in “Titanium Grey”, a “Bronze” in white, “Blue” in black and “Gold” in silver.

Nikes Zoom in all three sizes comes in white and silver, as does the “Goliad” in a navy and black version.

You can pick up the Nike Golf Zoom in two colors, a “Cascade” in gold, and the “Mt Everest” in yellow, as long as you opt for the white, silver or blue version over the “Sperry” version.

Nilex, the manufacturer of the Zoom, said in a statement that the “Nike Golf Zoom” will have a “classic look” that’s “inspired by classic sports” and is “designed to deliver a new level of comfort”.

“The Zoom is the only shoe in the world that delivers the same incredible comfort as Nike Zoom Zoom, yet is also lightweight, breathable and versatile enough to keep you going all day,” said the company.

“With the new Zoom, Nike is providing fans with the ultimate in performance while taking great care of the environment.”

In addition to offering the Zoom in different colours, Nike has also announced a range the Zoom with a black strap, as a way to keep it in place on the wrist.

Nichex also released a range, the Nike XG, which is a “super-lightweight, waterproof and flexible shoe” that is designed to be worn all day, whether you’re in the gym or on a trackday.

It features a mesh mesh upper that has a micro-adjustable strap, while it also has an integrated battery and USB charging port.

The Zoom has a large and flat sole, while Nike has been working on developing a wider range of Nike Zoom shoes to compete with the larger shoes.

The US sports brand has already launched its first-ever Nike Zoom shoe, the “T-shirt”, which was launched in May.

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