What you need to know about the new, expensive sports training gear

The U.S. military has recently introduced new sports equipment that is being marketed to its troops as a way to help combat the Ebola outbreak.

But there is some controversy surrounding the new gear, and many are questioning whether it actually helps combat the epidemic.

According to military officials, the new equipment is designed to improve the readiness of troops in the field.

However, the equipment is also being marketed as a form of “self-care” and to help soldiers recover from the disease.

The new equipment, called the Advanced Self-Care (ASC) Program, is currently in the testing phase and has been approved for use by the Department of Defense (DoD).

“This program will enable us to ensure that our troops are able to maintain and recover from this epidemic.””

We are pleased to be working with the military to evaluate this new equipment in an effort to improve our readiness and combat effectiveness,” the DoD said in a statement.

“This program will enable us to ensure that our troops are able to maintain and recover from this epidemic.”

The military has long had a program that was intended to help prevent soldiers from contracting the disease in the first place.

However the program has recently been criticized for its low-quality quality control and lack of testing.

“The military is going to be using the ASC program as a test bed for their own testing programs,” Mark Mazzulli, director of research at the American Institute of Soldier Health, told Fox News.

Mazzullis, who has been an advocate of the ASB program, told Breitbart News that the program is designed in a way that will “allow them to see how well it works, and to see if they can replicate that with some of their other testing.”

“They are testing in a really limited number of situations, so if they find it to be effective, that’s good enough for them,” Mazzulsi said.

“But if they don’t find it effective, then they will stop testing.”

He added that “the military has a huge amount of testing that they don

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