How to be a sports enthusiast without spending money

Recode by Steve Kovach article We all know we can’t afford the gear that we really need to watch our favorite sports teams.

But we also know it’s not always cheap.

We know we should have more money for that next year’s gear.

And we know we shouldn’t spend it all on a sports camera.

So how do we do it?

Recode’s Steve Kovacich takes us through a list of tips on how to spend your money.

Read moreRecode: Sports gear for the rest of usThis is the part of the series where we look at how to save money and save time.

The first article looks at how the NFL should be doing this, and the next one looks at ways to save time at work.

If you need help with your shopping, you can find more advice in the first part of our series, here.

Recode will also be adding more articles in the coming weeks.

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