Irish Football Championship’s top six best buys

The latest instalment of the Guinness World Records’ Best Sports Equipment Sales show is now in, and it’s hard to believe we haven’t seen a top-six list for a long time now.

We’ve seen it with the likes of the Nike Air Max 1s, the Adidas Zoom, the Puma Puma and the Adidas Originals.

It was the first time that a shoe company had ever come to the top of the list for the top-6 list, and the results were nothing short of spectacular.

The top-most buy was the Nike Zoom 2, which was bought for €2,799.

The shoe was the best-selling product in the entire sport for the first year, and was voted in as the best footwear for 2016 by our readers.

The Zoom 2 was the most popular pair of footwear among all the top six, selling 4.3 million pairs worldwide.

The Nike Zoom is a sports shoe made in Italy and sold in the UK.

It’s a shoe that’s been designed to provide an extra level of comfort in a number of sports, but it’s also a shoe you could use for a lot of other tasks, from running to lifting.

Nike have done this by offering three distinct features: the Zoom 2 has a high-tech cushioning system, with the rubber being engineered to resist water and heat, while the outsole is designed to reduce friction when running.

And the Zoom’s rubber is also designed to absorb the impact of a lot more than just a normal shoe.

When you buy a pair of shoes, you’re getting a pair that is designed with the sole of the shoe in mind, and with that in mind Nike wanted to take a lot out of the shoes design and bring a lot in to the design of the footwear.

And that meant that the Zoom was the shoe that most closely resembled the Adidas Z-Series shoe, which is an iconic shoe in the sport.

The two pairs in this list are made by the same company, and while the Zoom isn’t technically a Z-series shoe, the shoe is still pretty close.

The Adidas Zoom 2 is the best value for money, but the best thing about the Adidas brand is that they’re also the most innovative.

The Z-Sports series is the most advanced shoe in terms of the materials used in the shoe, with a specially designed mesh upper, which provides excellent cushioning.

The upper is also reinforced with an insole that can withstand temperatures up to 70 degrees Celsius, which can help you to maintain a more comfortable running position in wet or snow conditions.

The Zoom 2’s insole is also extremely grippy, so it’s good for those who have had bad foot problems.

The sole on the Zoom has a rubber core that helps to reduce the chance of a split.

And, of course, the Zoom is designed so that it’s super comfortable.

The Z-1, which comes in at number four on the list, was the second best-seller in the Guinness rankings, selling 5.7 million pairs.

This was due in part to its design, which uses an outsole made from an ultra-hard polyurethane material, which helps to keep the shoe flexible.

The outsole has a thick rubber core, which gives the shoe an extra grip.

And it’s made with a rubber-like compound that has been engineered to give the shoe extra grip when you’re using it for sports.

The fact that the Adidas has taken such a big leap in the design department is testament to the fact that they’ve made a high quality product in a sport that’s known for being a little too rigid for the average person to operate.

The Adidas Zoom is also one of the most grippy sneakers we’ve seen in a long, long time, so if you want a shoe with that much grip, it’s definitely worth a look.

The last shoe on the best buy list is the Nike Originals Z-3, which has a special rubber-backed outsole.

The rubber on the Z-2 was also designed with comfort in mind and the Z3’s rubber core is also grippy.

The Nike Origins Z-15 is the shoe of the year, with 3.7 percent of the market in the category.

This shoe is a true sports shoe, but you’ll be able to wear it to the gym and at the office too.

The Originals shoe is designed for runners who want something with a bit more cushioning, as well as those who want a boot that won’t let them down.

The shoe in this category is a pair made by Adidas, and they’re actually quite similar to the Nike Z-5.

The shoes in this top-10 list are the most expensive sports shoes in the world, but they’re the most affordable in terms and value of the Adidas shoe.

The new Nike Zoom2s have been introduced as a collaboration between Adidas and the Australian

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