Why do people love football?

Sports are a passion for people.

And the more you love a sport, the more likely you are to love it back.

Sports have a way of getting you motivated.

And a little bit of luck can really help.

If you’re one of those people who’s been hooked on football for years, here are 10 things to know about why you love the sport.


You Can’t Get Enough Footballs.

According to a 2015 study by Sports Illustrated, soccer fans spend nearly three times more time on their phones than any other sport.

Football fans, meanwhile, spend an average of more than 1,300 minutes per week playing the game.


You’re not just watching the action.

The NFL is home to a record amount of TV viewership, with more than 22.4 million viewers tuning in for each home game in 2016, according to Nielsen.

While that’s higher than the NBA, NBA, NHL and MLB, the NFL is the top-rated league in the U.S. and the second-highest-rated in the world, behind only the NFL.

The league has also earned the nickname “The NFL of the United States.”


You have the freedom to watch it wherever you want.


to a survey conducted by SportsBusiness Journal, NFL fans are more likely to tune in to live games on a smartphone, tablet or laptop than any non-sports activity.

That’s why you can watch NFL games from any location in the country, regardless of where you live.


You get to go to your favorite game.

NFL games can be watched online, but not as a stand-alone experience.

Instead, you can access the games as part of a package, which is a package of multiple programs, like ESPN’s “Monday Night Football.”

The package is typically a four-hour program and can include a game recap and the NFL’s official highlight package, as well as some of the league’s highlights.


You can take your family with you.

NFL fans can enjoy NFL game packages with up to eight people in a suite, or with family members, friends and family, at the same time.

There are also packages available for single-game packages, like the “GameDay” package, where family members and friends can watch one game on their own.


The game is full of surprises.

With a few minutes of the game, it’s a blast to be part of it.

You might see a new pass rush formation, a special move or a new quarterback.

The possibilities are endless.


You’ll feel good.

In some ways, football is a way to feel good about yourself.

NFL players are paid like stars, and their teammates have a reputation for being a good locker room presence.

You know that every NFL game is about you, right?

And if you don’t like the game that much, you might consider not playing.

It’s not the NFL that’s killing the game — it’s the players, who are the true stars.


You may find a few new friends.

NFL teams often have a roster of 20-plus players that have been in the league for years.

That means that when you’re out on the field, you may find yourself hanging out with new teammates or friends you’ve never met before.

That makes a game of football much more fun, and can be a huge source of bonding for people who’ve never played before.


The players on the other side of the ball.

NFL football is played on a field called the “Linebacker’s Field,” and the players who are on the opposite side of it are called “Cornerbacks.”

You can see these people on TV during the NFL season, but they are also on the sidelines, in the locker room or at the stadium.

This can be especially fun when you have a group of friends that you like to play football with.


You won’t regret it.

There’s no way to know how you’ll feel about a game until it happens.

There is no shame in being a fan.

The best thing you can do for yourself is enjoy the game and let the fun begin.

That way, when you get home, you won’t feel like you missed anything.

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