Sports equipment manufacturer’s lawsuit against Trump raises concerns about president’s power

A manufacturer of a pair of sports equipment earpieces has filed a lawsuit against President Donald Trump and other members of the White House team alleging the president has used his power to suppress competition.

In a filing on Friday, the American-Made Equipment Manufacturers Association (AMMA) said the president’s administration has been violating antitrust laws by requiring businesses to pay to provide their products to the Trump administration, limiting the competition that could result.

The AMMA filed a complaint in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia against the Trump Administration and the Commerce Department, alleging that the White Houses use of its antitrust enforcement powers to silence competitors and “interfere with the free flow of information about competition in the marketplace.”

The complaint said the Trump’s policies have forced companies to pay fees for access to the White houses marketplace, limit the number of products offered and have forced others to choose between providing their products and providing a “fair and competitive price” to the administration.

Trump has repeatedly defended his administration’s antitrust efforts, and has threatened to veto the House and Senate bills to overturn the TrumpCare law.

The Trump Administration has repeatedly accused the federal government of violating antitrust law, and said it will not seek to intervene in antitrust disputes between states and localities.

In February, the president signed into law a sweeping $5.3 trillion health care bill that included a new provision that would give the federal Health and Human Services Department greater power to regulate health insurers.

The White House has also said it is not seeking to block a new antitrust law that would impose new rules on how private companies sell and use their products.

The administration says the new law would not have a significant impact on the business of private companies.

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