Why sports gear makers are pushing the Gopher in sports

By Kevin Hochstein | The Associated PressA new report from the Associated Press and USA Today says a Gopher basketball team that won the 2012 NCAA tournament could be the first Gopher to win the national title in nearly 60 years.

The report says the Gophers would have to win at least 16 games to become the first team since 1977 to have a winning record in consecutive years.

It also said the Gommets would have the third-highest winning percentage of any team in the country this season if the team were a non-conference opponent.

The Gopher won the tournament by beating Kentucky 78-70 on Saturday.

It will host Kansas on Sunday in a semifinal.

The Gophers’ first loss in five games came at home to Iowa on Dec. 9.

The Associated Press said the team would use the next few weeks to try to make up some of the lost ground and improve on the season’s three losses.

It said the Wildcats could have an easier time reaching the Sweet 16 than the Gomms if the Gondolas play their way to the Sweet Eight and if the Wildcats win the Pac-12 Tournament.

The AP said that in addition to the Gomer’s first-ever national title, they would also win the NCAA tournament for the first time since 1988, and would become the fourth team in school history to win a national title.

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