How the NFL is turning sports into a business

More than ever, the NFL, the sport’s biggest draw, is a business.

This week, it became the latest business to be featured on the cover of National Geographic magazine.

But the magazine also makes the case that sports are a perfect fit for a platform like National Geographic, which has an annual revenue of about $40 billion and is expanding rapidly in new markets and markets where its reach is limited.

The magazine also cites the growing popularity of sports television and highlights the importance of the league’s global appeal, as well as its growing digital footprint.

“Sports are becoming a critical part of our economy, and they have the potential to change how people live and work in ways we can’t even imagine,” said Jim Bales, the magazine’s executive editor and chief content officer.

“They have the ability to transform lives.”

The magazine says that for the past five years, the company has made a strategic decision to make sports a focus for the magazine, which in turn has been a natural fit for National Geographic.

The network’s first-ever “Sports Illustrated” issue is now available to buy in stores, online and on the National Geographic app, which is available on smartphones and tablets, and has also been expanded into a new section of the website called SportsNation.

“The new Sports Illustrated is the ultimate sports-themed cover, showcasing the best of our team, along with a look at the new SportsNation in 2018,” said Bales.

“Its a bold new direction for our brand, but we are also excited to be able to bring the best in sports journalism to millions of people around the world.”

The new edition of Sports Illustrated also features a new feature called the “Sports Nation” section, which will focus on topics such as sports analytics and sports psychology, as they relate to people’s health and wellbeing.

SportsNation also is making a concerted push to get people to see the value of sports through a variety of different channels, including social media and online video, Bales said.

“With SportsNation, we’re going to have people connect with athletes, their coaches, athletes in the community, and people in the media through sports and sports media,” he said.

This includes using the platform to reach a broader audience, which means the company is also creating new “Sports and Sports Nation” sections in each of the company’s major sports.

The new Sports and Sports sections will highlight the latest research, the latest news, the best stories, and provide a comprehensive view of sports and its effects on society.

“As a global sports organization, we are uniquely positioned to offer readers and fans of all ages a unique and accessible experience,” Bales added.

“We have the best athletes, coaches, and personalities on the planet, and we have the tools to make this all work.”

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