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Fort Collins, Colorado (CNN) John Johnston and his wife, Amy, had been watching the Fort Collins Avalanche for the past four years.

They had a lot of faith in the team and their favorite player, Matt Duchene, to lead the team back to the playoffs.

The year before, the couple had bought a new television for their home and were eagerly anticipating their first playoff game.

But when Duchene returned to Colorado with an injury, the Johnston family was left wondering what was happening.

“I’ve been a Avalanche fan for about eight years, so I knew that this was a huge team that had a shot,” Amy Johnston said.

“I knew they had the potential to win the Stanley Cup, so we were hopeful they could go out and do something big.

I was also very excited that we could have our kids watch our team play.”

So they did.

Their kids were in their seats, watching a team that was undefeated and had made it to the Western Conference finals, and it was all a dream come true.

“It was like Christmas morning, when they started talking about their plans for Christmas,” John Johnston said of his family.

“My wife and I, we’re still in shock, we were like, ‘This is a dream, right?'”

Johnston and Amy Johnston were so excited for their first season with the Colorado Avalanche that they had no idea they would soon be facing a playoff matchup.

Johnston was on the right side of his wife and four-year-old daughter when the puck dropped in the first period.

Duchene’s first goal of the night, a power-play goal, put the Avalanche ahead 3-0.

Then Duchene scored again, this time with the help of two of his teammates, John Moore and Tyler Dellow.

The momentum was with the Avalanche and the team’s momentum was unstoppable.

With just a minute left in the second period, Duchene put the Avs up 3-2.

With Duchene on the ice, John Johnston watched the play from his couch, thinking about his wife’s first year with the team.

“We were all kind of nervous.

I thought, ‘Wow, this is really exciting,'” John Johnston recalled.

“We had no expectations that we would be getting back to playing.

But I was like, OK, we need to take this team to a playoff game.”

Duchene would finish with a goal and two assists to help the Avalanche take the series.

“The second half was very exciting.

The team was fighting hard, they were coming back from a huge deficit, they played some great hockey,” Johnston said about the team moving into the playoffs after losing four in a row.”

That’s the feeling that we were getting after the series and we were just really excited about it.

We had a big opportunity to get into the final.”

Dylan Strome’s game-winning goal, as well as Duchene and Moore’s goal, clinched the victory.

But the next game was a little more challenging.

John Johnston had to watch his son, Cody, suffer a concussion.

After the game, he was overcome with emotion.

“He’s playing with a concussion,” Johnston recalled his son saying.

“He was just trying to get back to his feet and I was just so emotional watching him and seeing how he was.

I just wanted to say something to him, but I was so sad.”

The Johnston family went home after the game and were stunned to learn the severity of Cody’s injury.

“All of the sudden, we got a text from the doctor that said he had a concussion, so it was really scary,” John John said.

“Cody was out for a few hours and was in a lot more pain.

I think it’s a pretty scary thing.

I mean, I’m just happy that he’s alive.”

The Johnsons, who have three other children, have spent the past two years working with their son, who suffered a concussion in November 2016 while playing with the Boston Bruins.

“They’ve been through so much, and that’s the biggest lesson we’ve learned is just to try and keep going and work as hard as you can to get to the top,” John Jones said.

The team has been competing for a Stanley Cup for the last five seasons and will be looking to extend their playoff run with a win in Game 7.

“Obviously, we know we’re up there and we know that we have the potential and that we’re a pretty good team, and I think we’re going to keep doing the things that we do and keep working and getting back up there,” John Duchene said.

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