Which is the best sports gear for women?

A woman may not need a gym membership to exercise, but if you’re looking for a pair of comfortable yoga pants or an outdoor gear that fits snugly under your dress shirt, you may want to look elsewhere.

Top sports equipment brands are the ones to consider when looking for athletic wear that won’t break the bank, says Erin McGough, an associate marketing professor at Ohio State University.

“I think you can make a lot of sense of what’s out there,” she says.

“I just think women need more sports apparel that’s comfortable.”

McGough is also a member of the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and she says women have more options for gear than men.

A sportswear retailer in New York City, she says that while it’s important to make sure your purchase includes quality and value, “a lot of the items that I buy have a very specific aesthetic and they’re tailored to a particular size.”

McGugh says the sportswears that are made for women are also more affordable and that “women are actually more likely to buy sports apparel if it’s a brand that is gender neutral.”

“There are women’s apparel companies that are doing really great work on that,” she adds.

The top sports gear brands for womenThe following brands make up the top 10 brands of women’s sports apparel in the United States.

A: Nike B: Adidas C: Converse D: Reebok E: Adidas Originals F: Adidas Men’s Golf G: Adidas Women’s Soccer H: Nike Men’s Soccer Boost I: Connexion J: Nike Women’s Football K: Nike Sportswear Originals J2: Nike Football J3: Nike Basketball J4: Nike Tennis J5: Nike Golf J6: Nike Track and Field J7: Nike Soccer Jerseys L: Adidas Sports Underwear M: Nike Sports Gear M2: Adidas Sportswears M3: Adidas Mens Soccer M4: Adidas Underwear M5: Adidas Swimwear M6: Adidas G-Shirt M7: Adidas Track & Field Men’s Jerseys M8: Nike Underwear Mens Sports Gear Men’s Underwear Men’s Sportswirt Women’s Sportshirt Women-Bodyswear Men-Sportswirt Nike Women-Sportshirt Nike SportshortsWomen-Sportwear Nike SportwearMen-Sportshirt Nike SportshirtMen-Underwear Nike UndershirtMen’s UndershortsMen’s Nike UndershirtsMen’s Sport ShortsMen-Track & Field Women’s Jersey Nike UndershirtsMen’s Track & FIjstars Nike UnderShirtsMen-Soccer Boost Nike Under ShirtsMen: Track & field Men’s Football Nike Under ShirtMen: Soccer Nike Under JerseysMen: Under Armour Nike Under UnderwearMen’s Soccer M3 – Nike Men-Soccers Nike Under Sport ShirtsWomen: Nike G-shirt Men’s Nike G ShirtMen: Nike Air Jordan Nike Under ArmourMen’s Football M5 – Nike Women Nike G ShirtMen’s Golf M6 – Nike Sports Under Armour Women’s G ShirtsMEN’s Nike Football M7 – Nike Sport Shirt Women Nike Golf Shirts Women-Under Armour Women-Grammy Shirtswomen’s Nike Air Jordans Nike G T ShirtWomen’s Soccer Adidas Under ArmourWomen’s G-shirt Adidas Under T ShirtMen – Nike G Nike UnderpantsWomen’s Nike Basketball Under ArmourMEN’s Track and field Nike GShirt Men Nike Golf T Shirt Women’s Nike Golf JerseysWomen’s Track Shorts Women Nike Soccer Boost Women’s Under Armour Men’s TrackShirt Womens Nike Air Jerseys Women’s Basketball Nike Under T shirtWomen’s Football Under Armour men’s football Nike Under FootwearMen – Adidas Men Nike Under PantsMen’s Air Jordan Under Armour MEN’s Golf Under ArmourMAN’s Nike Nike Golf Under ShortsMEN’s Underarm Nike G TeeMen’s Adidas G ShortsMAN’s Undergown Nike G SwooshMen’s G SneakersMen’s Bose Under ArmourFIFA Women’s World Cup Under Armour

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