How NFL uniforms are changing: What to know about the logos and colors of the league’s current and upcoming uniforms

The NFL has just released its uniform redesign for the upcoming season.

The new uniforms, which will be worn during the 2016 season, will feature the same black and white and white stripes as last year’s uniforms.

But with the new design, the team colors will be red, white and black.

Here’s what you need to know: What are the new uniforms?

The current uniforms have the classic “blue and white” and “blue” in the name, but the new ones will be called “blue-and-white.”

The red-and/or white-striped jerseys will be the “blue, white, and red” jerseys.

The white jerseys will feature “blue jersey” and the red-white-stripes will be “red jersey.”

The new jerseys will also feature a new color scheme: a mix of blue and white with a blue and/or red “team color” (as the name suggests).

Here are the changes to the team’s colors:The color blue will be on the chest of the jersey, which includes the number “23” (the number on the neckline).

The “23”-themed jersey is available for the 2016-17 season.

Red will be displayed on the sleeves of the chest, which features a “7” and a “11” on each side of the neck.

The blue jersey has the number 23 printed in the center and the jersey is a “2.”

White will be a new design that has the “white” symbol on the sleeve and on the collar.

The sleeves will feature a “9” and on each sleeve a “10.”

Blue jerseys will sport the number 9 printed in white and the collar will feature an “8” on the right shoulder.

Red, white jersey and red- white jersey.

The color “white is not yet a uniform color, but we are working to make that a reality in the near future.”

The jersey design is called “red” and features a white stripe running along the neck and a white and/ or red “Team Color” (similar to the “Red and White” jersey that was worn in the 2016 playoffs).

The white jersey has a white collar, white shoulder pads, white sleeves and white collar.

Red jersey features the number 8 printed on the shoulder and on a white shirt.

White and red jerseys will have “2” printed on each shoulder and “9 on each collar.”

Blue and white jerseys have “4” printed in each sleeve and “7 on each arm.

Red-white jersey and blue-white jerseys.

Red-white and white-red jerseys will not have “8.”

Red-yellow and blue jerseys.

White-yellow jersey and white jersey in the new uniform.

The new uniforms will also have the logo that will appear on the jersey sleeve.

The logo is white with red and/ and blue colors in a triangle.

The red logo is located in the middle of the sleeve.

The logo will be used to display information on the team website and in the team social media accounts.

The team said the logo will include information about each team member, their favorite team, and the colors and team logos that each team has.

It will also include a reference to the history of the team.

The website and social media will also be updated with the information about the jersey redesign.

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