Why Juventus are the most expensive team in Serie A

Football Italiano title Why Juve are the least expensive team at the top of Serie A?

article By Football Italy, Giancarlo BresciaAjax, Udinese, Milan, Napoli, Napolitano, Sampdoria, Sampy, Roma, Torino and Udinese are among the clubs with the highest average ticket prices in the Italian Serie A. In the Serie A table, there are two teams that come out on top of the table. 

The Bianconeri are on course to sell over 2.3 million tickets in their first season in Serie B, the second-highest figure ever, while Torino are on track to sell a little over 1.2 million tickets this year, the third-highest figures ever in the league. 

Juventus, however, are on a lower trajectory than they were last season.

The Biancocelesti, the most successful Italian football club in recent years, are currently ranked 18th in Serie E, the highest position in the table, while their current average ticket price is €60.70. 

On the other hand, Udini, the only team to have been relegated from the league in the last three seasons, is currently ranked 19th in the overall table.

There are also other factors that can affect average ticket costs. 

Teams that have been in the lower half of the league since the start of the season, like Udinese and Napoli have seen a reduction in average ticket sales over the course of the last season, with the team’s average ticket cost falling from €80 to €58.

This is also a trend that is continuing with the new season, as both Napoli and Udini have recorded average ticket numbers below €60, a level they have not previously experienced. 

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