Soccer player who refused to pay his school fees gets suspended for protesting

A soccer player in India who refused payment of his school tuition has been suspended for three months for protesting.

In a Facebook post on Friday, the National Sports Education Association of India (NSSEA) said that the player, named in the media as Sanjeev, was fined Rs. 20,000 and had been banned from participating in sport for three years.

According to the NSSEA, the player was not able to pay school fees for his education, which were not yet paid, because of the suspension.

The student’s father, who has also been involved in protesting, has been given a two-month suspension, according to the association.

The suspension of Sanjeevar is in addition to a ban imposed on his parents on January 31 for allegedly breaching the school education policy by taking part in a protest.

According a NSSEA statement, the school had cancelled the student’s admission because he was protesting against the school’s decision to cancel the student after receiving a letter from the Registrar of Education.

The school administration told the parent that they would not take the student back to the school after they had been given an explanation.

The school has now cancelled the boy’s registration.

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