How to spot a sports gear brand’s logo: How to tell if it’s a sponsor or competitor

It’s no secret that brands are a big deal to most athletes—the way they sell their products and brand themselves makes a huge difference.

But brands can also influence how athletes see and interact with their equipment.

And some of the most obvious signs of a sports-gear brand’s influence can be found in logos, too.

As sports equipment brands become increasingly involved in the athletic world, logos can be an especially valuable indicator of a company’s brand.

The logos of many sports-equipment brands are often similar.

And they all have one thing in common: logos are big, bold, and often colorful.

To determine if your favorite sports-related brand has a big, colorful logo, you need to be able to read their names and take a closer look.

Read on for some of our favorite sports logo comparisons.


Nike Nike’s signature logo, the “Nike” logo, has been around for more than a century, but the brand’s name is now much more recognizable.

The company has been involved in sports since the 1970s, and the logo has evolved in a variety of ways.

Nike is a major sponsor of the World Cup of Hockey, and its sports apparel lines include the Nike+ series of shoes and apparel, as well as the Nike Air Force 1 and Air Force 2.

Nike has also been a major corporate sponsor of several major college and pro sports teams.


Adidas Adidas has long been a leader in sports apparel, with several of its sports brands, including the adidas Originals and adidas Boost products, and Nike shoes, being used by major college athletes.

The brand’s sports apparel is also notable for its use of bold, colorful designs that have made it a favorite of professional athletes.

Nike+ has become a popular shoe for professional athletes, including LeBron James, Steph Curry, and Kobe Bryant.

Adidas also owns a major stake in the NFL, which has long sponsored the league’s biggest stars, including quarterback Drew Brees and running back Marshawn Lynch.


Nike Air Jordan 3, the brand that launched in 2009, is a favorite for professional players.

The Air Jordan 4 was released in 2012, and it has become one of the brand-new “world-beaters” in its class.

The iconic Air Jordan 1 was discontinued in 2013, but its successor, the Air Jordan X, was released last fall.


Nike Dunk High The brand was once the “coolest” sports shoe on the market, and now, thanks to the popularity of the Nike Dunk high, Nike is once again leading the charge for coolness.

The Nike Dunk, which debuted in 2011, is one of Nike’s most popular sneakers, but it was also the company’s first Nike product to be officially called “Air Jordan.”


Reebok Reeboks began as a men’s line, but they’ve since expanded to women’s footwear.

Their men’s and women’s Reebos have become some of their most popular shoes.

The shoes feature a soft rubber sole, which helps keep the feet cool in the summer, and a soft, cushioned rubber outsole that makes them easy to wear in the winter.


Adidas Originals Adidas Originations is a global sports apparel company, and their sports footwear is popular around the world.

The Originals series has been used by many top athletes, such as the NBA star LeBron James and the basketball superstar Kevin Durant.

The line’s basketball-inspired colorways include the Black, Blue, Green, and Red.

Adidas has also released several other popular shoes in the Originals line, including sneakers that are based on its basketball-themed shoes.


Nike LeBron James Nike’s basketball team is known for its athleticism and its winning ways.

The team’s stars LeBron James (left) and Dwyane Wade (right) are both part of the Cavaliers.

The Cavs have won more NBA titles than any other team in the league since 2006.

Nike’s shoes are known for their athletic designs.


Nike Boost Boost is a high-performance athletic shoe that is popular among athletes as well.

The Boost series is popular with many athletes, but is also known for being popular with the general public.

Nike and Boost have collaborated to release a series of sports shoes that combine the two brands’ iconic silhouettes.

Nike Basketball, Nike Basketball Boost, Nike Boost Plus, Nike Zoom, and Boost All-Star are among the other Nike basketball shoes.


Nike Reebo Reeboes’ sneakers are among some of Nikes most popular sports footwear.

The Reeboos have been used for the past 15 years by many NFL players.

Rebobos have also been used in the NBA, and have been a big hit in the Nike Basketball series.


Nike Jordan Brand The Jordan brand, which is also popular with athletes, has grown into a big brand that

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