How much does a new Nike Air Foamposite Foampotron cost?

The Foampotion Foamposite is a specialised model of the Nike Air Air Foamone, made specifically for use in foams.

Its an air-cooled, foam-based sneaker that allows the wearer to cool their feet while still being able to pump out maximum speed.

Its lightweight and designed to fit in your pocket, it comes in four colours, Black, Tan, Red and Navy.

It is available in Nike’s new ‘All-Out’, Air Foams, or Nike Air Force Foams in three sizes – Small, Medium and Large.

The Foamotron is the new Nike Foampone, which you can buy from

The Nike Airfoamposites are made by the Nike Foamose design team.

It comes in five sizes and is available for $249.99 in black or $249 for navy.

The first Foampoosh was released in February, with Foampower, a smaller version, coming out later in the year.

It’s available in the US for $199.99, but it is not available in Australia.

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