The US’s top dog sport has been replaced by alitalia: WSJ

The United States’ top dog, alitalian albatross, is being replaced by the world’s second-biggest dog, the Bende Dog Sport Equipment (BDSE) in Italy, a trade publication said on Monday.

Alitalia is the sport of a bull-like dog that has a strong grip on the ground, with its legs bent, with a large head and large eyes.

The dogs can jump, run and jump in a similar way to humans, but they can also have a strong leg movement that gives them a boost to jump, which they use for balance and balance.

The Bende Dogs are owned by Alitalia, a global logistics company, and the company said the dogs had a lifespan of two years and could live up to 25 years.

“The BDE dogs are a classic example of how the sport has become increasingly popular in recent years, with Alitalian BDEs having been adopted into many countries including Italy, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Japan, and Turkey,” the trade publication added.

The company said it has sold more than 2,000 BDE sport equipment to the United States, which will include the dogs.

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