How to get the best deal on used sports equipment

The cheapest sports gear in the world may be worth $15,000 to $25,000 but you’re better off buying used because it will last longer, is easier to maintain and is generally more durable, according to a new study from the Consumer Electronics Association.

The study found that used sports gear costs about half as much to repair as new gear and, because the equipment is usually brand new, is more likely to be covered by a warranty.

The average cost of new gear is about $6,000 and the average cost for used gear is $2,500, according the study.

The findings highlight the importance of buying used sports apparel, footwear and other athletic equipment for the long-term, said Adam Steinberg, executive vice president of consumer and business innovation at the CAI.

The industry has been struggling with the recession, and new gear that will last years longer may be needed, Steinberg said.

But even if you do decide to purchase a used sports kit, you can’t always get a great deal, the study found.

The cost of a brand-new, brand-brand-new used jersey can easily reach $100,000, Steinber said.

And you can still have trouble getting a used shoe that can last years, the report found.

The Consumer Electronics Alliance is an industry trade group that advocates for consumer electronics and technology, including sports equipment.

Its members include General Electric, IBM, AT&T, Dell, eBay, Amazon, and Microsoft.

The CEA’s report said sports equipment should be treated like a vehicle and not like a luxury.

“When you go shopping for used sports cars, you’re looking at a luxury vehicle that you can park for years and years,” Steinberg told The Associated Press.

“If you’re going to buy used sports items, you have to be careful not to just go shopping at the low end of the market and spend thousands of dollars on the low-end.

You have to buy at the top end.”

For example, the average used sports car costs about $25 million, according a 2015 report from Kelley Blue Book.

That is $200,000 less than a used Nissan Leaf, the second most popular car for Americans, Steinbauer said.

And that is just a start.

You can also buy used cars for about $150,000 or more, the CEA said.

Steinberg pointed out that most used sports bikes can be had for about that amount, as well.

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