How to buy used sports cars on the black market – RTE

In Ireland, it’s estimated that there are more than 300,000 used sports vehicles that have been sold.

But there’s another way of buying the same car, and it’s illegal.

A car dealer in the north of Ireland has set up a “black market” where customers can buy the same vehicle for as little as €100.

“It’s a black market, it doesn’t work like a car auction,” said Paul McAllister, who runs a car dealership in Co Tyrone, Co Wicklow.

“They sell you the car, they get a deposit and they go into the garage to complete the transfer.”

I’m a bit of a dealer, I sell a lot of used cars, but I’ve never sold a used car in the whole world.””

The problem is that there’s no insurance, no guarantor, no licence.

“The car doesn’t have any documentation.

They’ve got to pay the insurance.”

A black market for carsThe car dealer said the dealers in Co Wickliffe were also involved in a similar scheme.

“If you buy a car from a dealer in Ireland, the dealer will go and have a look at the car,” Mr McAllisters said.

“Then he or she goes to the dealer in Wicklice and has the car checked out, they take it to the car dealership and they send the car off for inspection.”

At that point the car is considered to be unauthorised, they’ve gone and got it checked out.

Then the dealer then goes and gets the insurance on the car.

“The car’s then sold.”

Mr McAllowers said he had dealt in several cars in his past and he understood the black markets in cars.

“There’s nothing illegal about the sale of a car,” he said.

“But there’s something wrong with the way it’s done.”

Mr MacAllisters explained that he only sells used cars.

“If it’s a vehicle that’s been in storage for 15 years, then that’s still the same as selling it,” he explained.

“But if you’re selling a vehicle from an estate agent, that’s another story.”

In Co Wicklithe, Mr McAlister said that dealers were willing to sell the same cars for up to €100 each.

“We’ve sold cars for under €100 in the past, and we’ll do it again,” he added.

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