Which NFL players are wearing jerseys that say they’re from the field?

Sports fans everywhere are eagerly awaiting the start of the 2017 NFL season.

Here’s what we know so far.


All 32 teams are wearing new, professional uniforms.

The Patriots, Dolphins, and Steelers have all used new jerseys, while the 49ers have worn white jerseys for the first time since the 2014 season.

This year’s uniforms are designed by NFL Properties, the same company that designed the 2014 NFL uniforms, and will be worn by all 32 teams.

The NFL Players Association (NFLPA) is not supporting the new uniforms, as it does not approve of wearing professional uniforms that are more than two years old.

The uniforms are the latest in a series of uniform overhauls that began in the mid-2000s.


The Rams have gone from a “factory” to a “production line” to an “industrial” team.

The Los Angeles Rams have been known for their flashy uniforms, but the new jerseys will have the Rams logo in a new, white and gold color scheme, along with a gold logo on the front of the jersey.


The Cowboys have had to make some big moves to remain relevant in the NFC West.

They have gone with a “F” in the middle of their jersey number for the last decade, but now they’re getting a “C” instead.


The Eagles have gone full-blown factory, switching from a black and white scheme to a gold and red scheme, which is expected to give the team a more “modern” look.

The jerseys also feature gold piping on the collar, chest and shoulders, and the logo is in gold.


The Packers have also changed their jerseys a bit.

They’ve gone from white to gold on their jerseys and gold piping and piping on their collar.

The players are still wearing their old uniforms, which feature a white “F.”


The Cardinals have taken their brand of “sportswear” to the next level, with a new jersey design that features an “X” on the left shoulder, with the “F,” the “S,” and the word “P” in red.


The Panthers have changed their logo from a silver “X.”

The logo features a “S” and a gold “C.”


The Redskins have a new look on the field, and it looks like the team has gone full factory.

The team’s new jerseys feature gold stitching on the shoulders, collar and collar-back, and gold logos on the sleeves.


The Seahawks are wearing a new logo, which features an arrow pointing to the left of the name on the chest.

The arrow features the words “Seattle Reign.”


The Titans are now sporting a new red and gold scheme on their helmets, while wearing gold piping.


The Chiefs are back with a brand new look.


The Broncos are wearing gold-plated helmets, and wearing gold logo-filled piping on both the helmet and the collar.


The Vikings have gone all-out factory, and have gone in a variety of different directions.

The most notable change is the addition of a “M” on their jersey numbers, which was dropped from the “C,” which was also dropped from their logo.


The Jaguars have gone factory, with gold piping, a gold collar and sleeves, and a new gold logo.


The Chargers are now wearing a gold jersey and gold-colored piping on helmets, sleeves, collar, and collar collar- back.


The Bears are wearing all-black jerseys and have changed the “W” on both their logo and jersey numbers to the word WOW.


The Falcons are wearing black jerseys, with all-gold piping and a “D” on jersey numbers.


The Colts have changed uniforms from their last uniforms, in which the logo was red and blue.

The new jerseys have the logo in gold, and are also white.


The Raiders are now using a new white uniform, with silver piping, gold sleeves, silver logo-lined collar, gold piping around the collar and sleeve, and all-white piping on helmet, sleeve, collar collar, collar- backs and sleeves.


The Bengals have gone back to a factory-like look with a red, gold, blue, and purple logo on jerseys.


The 49ers are wearing white jerseys and a blue and gold logo, along to a red-orange logo on sleeves, which also features gold piping in the collar of the collar-backs.


The Lions are wearing blue jerseys, along red piping, silver-plating on collar and jersey-lined sleeves, with green piping on collar-bottom and collar, along the collar bottom and sleeves for the new logo.


The Giants have gone completely factory, which means they are wearing full-length, “fancy” white jerseys with all gold piping across the collar line

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